2 Independent Studies Prove We Have A Wonky Rim.

2 Independent Studies Prove We Have A Wonky Rim.

All the classic representations of the Milky Way are a flat, spinning spiral that branches out into the deep unknown. 

Spiralling Milky Way Galaxy

But what if that was a misrepresentation?

In February this year, a study concluded that the outer edges of our galaxy are warped and not as flat as once thought.

Much more recently the University of Warsaw, Poland has created a 3D map of old Milky by using notable bright stars as markers and the result backs the initial findings.

Astrophysicist Przemek Mroz stated:

"Our map shows the Milky Way disk is not flat. It is warped and twisted," 

Milky Way has warped outer edges

The theories as to why we are wonky have come streaming in with the most likely candidate being that the outer disc of ou galaxy is falling behind as the inner disc spins, thus creating an elongated S shape and not a classical plate shape. 

This is no small feat as the Milky Way is estimated at being 150,000 lightyears across and houses as many as 400 billion stars and 100 billion planets.

The data collection of stars can be found below and for a more in-depth look at the science visit Science.

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