'Alien' Object Crashed Into Earth, Isn't Alien

'Alien' Object Crashed Into Earth, Isn't Alien

A 2014 fireball event over the Pacific Ocean, initially suspected to be of extraterrestrial origin, has been reinterpreted by new research. The study, led by seismologist Benjamin Fernando of Johns Hopkins University, suggests a more terrestrial explanation for the event and the recovered metallic spheres.

Previously, a team led by astronomer Avi Loeb investigated the 2014 fireball, linking a seismometer reading near Papua New Guinea to a potential interstellar meteor. Subsequent analysis of the seabed in 2023 revealed the presence of tiny metallic spheres, leading to speculation of an extraterrestrial or even technological origin.

However, Dr. Fernando's research challenges this interpretation. By re-analyzing the seismometer data, the team determined the signal more likely originated from a terrestrial source, potentially a vehicle or machinery operating near the seismometer.


Why Harvard's Avi Loeb thinks he may have found fragments of an alien  spacecraft at the bottom of the Pacific | The Independent


"The most probable explanation for the seismometer reading is likely a mundane event on the ground, not an extraterrestrial object," Dr. Fernando stated.

This revised interpretation casts doubt on the extraterrestrial origin of the metallic spheres. These spherules, commonly found in ocean sediments worldwide, are more likely to be typical cosmic dust of terrestrial or near-Earth origin, similar to small meteorites found on rooftops.

Dr. Fernando's research, currently under peer review for publication in a scientific journal, will be presented at the upcoming Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston, Texas.

This study highlights the importance of multidisciplinary approaches in analyzing extraterrestrial events. While the search for interstellar objects continues, careful consideration of terrestrial explanations remains crucial for accurate interpretation of data.


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