As World Continues to Heat, European Manure Explodes Causing Forest Fire.

As World Continues to Heat, European Manure Explodes Causing Forest Fire.

The beautiful countries of Spain and Portugal are having a rough go of it after soaring temperatures have ignited the most savage fire in recent history and the worst since early 1990.

According to Miquel Buch, the minister for Catalonia region, the fire was caused by a chicken manure pile igniting on account of Europe's record-breaking heat wave. 

The terrible blaze has reminded us to always keep your poo cool as manure catching fire is commonplace when stored incorrectly.

Temperatures have reached upwards of 45 degrees Celsius, which may not seem like much for us Australians, but keep in mind the average temperature for this region in late June is between 20 and 27 degrees.

Below is a map of the danger areas threatening Europe during this heat wave. 

The areas at threat of fires due to climate change

Manure traps and stores heat as it decomposes, and man-made climate change has seen to it that the first of many disasters related to temperature increase has well and truly begun. 

At this point in time, the fire has been contained however the blaze burned nearly 16,000 hectares and personnel involved must be commended for the 400 or so individual wildfires brought under control. 

Our thoughts are with the people involved and we hope for a swift recovery from this devastating disaster. 


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