It has a flag, an anthem, and more than 250,000 citizens have just elected their first parliament. However, despite having a population of more than some smaller island countries, Asgardia has no land.

You see, Asgardia is the world's first "Space Kingdom" (that we know of) and the nation's physical presence is that of a low orbiting satellite. Yes, this is true. 

The nation came to life when celebrated scientist/engineer, Igor Ashurbeyli - a recent recipient of the UNESCO medal for his work in nanotechnology, was self-appointed as "head of nation". The citizens of Asgardia later completed an online vote and confirmed Ashurbeyli. 

If this sounds like one of those crazy cults where old mate starts bangin' everyone's wife and takes all their money then we're right there with ya.....

"Asgardia is a fully fledged and independent nation, and a future member of the United Nations - with all the attributes this status entails a government and embassies, a flag, a national anthem and insignia."

As nice as Asgardia might sound to some, there's actually a set of criteria that a state has to abide by to be considered a nation.

They are, in order of importance: Territory, Stable population, A Governing Body, and International Diplomacy.

How does Asgardia stack up?
Not too good....

Obviously, Asgardia's appeal is that there is no land.

And the population?
To date, no nation has had their entire population live within another nation.  While everyone who considers themselves an Asgardian can rightly do so, they are at best dual-citizens living away from a nation-state they've never been to.

So, Asgardia has a government of sorts....
The problem is, how do you govern people from all over the globe?
You don't. At least not very well. 

Last and most definitely least is diplomacy. 
Asgardia has reached out to over 30 nations and is yet to hear a reply back. Sad.

We at A.R.S.E like to keep a wide eye and an open mind when it comes to these things. But we have to ask Australia; is Asgardia a crackpot's dream or are the definitions of a nation falling behind?

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