Ask ARSE: What if We Make it Into Area 51?

Ask ARSE: What if We Make it Into Area 51?

We have an eager follower asking us about a very contemporary topic, so let's get our tinfoil hats out and: Ask ARSE.

"Hi ARSE heads, I was wondering with all the internet going crazy with the Area 51 stuff, how much of it is true? Like, if we do reach Area 51 will we all get shot and killed?
Cheers, Mackenzie"

Thanks for the question Macarthur and an interesting one at that with some previous attempts being made. 

Over several decades, many a nut case has tried to enter Area 51, which has proven fatal before but most end up arrested and paying a fine. 

Over the globe, people have been shot and killed for entering restricted spaces.

Now, the military does not usually outwardly threaten with violence for entering a military base, rather it is mostly a fine of about AUD 4,000 and a maximum prison sentence of 12 months. 

But what of the instances of "authorised deadly force"?

Within many of these bases are restricted areas that are locked down and not to be entered by the general public under the condition of deadly force. 

Area 51 is one of these.

But to get to the sections of any military base to even lay eyes on them is a feat in itself. 

From the fenced outer perimeter that is heavily patrolled, to the 80-kilometre hike through various surveillance measures, to the armed watchtowers and outer security checkpoints and heavily secure doors, the likelihood of anyone getting anywhere near the point of needed to use deadly force is not high. 

"But they can't stop all of us".

The Air Force who occupies the base for weapons testing has strongly advised against taking part in the September 20 viral Facebook event. 

Even if a million people storm Area 51, most won't make the hike or would be subdued before making it to the base itself with impenetrable outer walls, let alone see anything restricted worth getting shot over. 

Think riot control on a military scale including rubber bullets, tear gas etc. 

Is the Air Force going to take the joke seriously and reinforce their security to repel 1 million people?


Does the military have the ability and permission to slaughter everyone who tries?


Will they need to?

Probably not.

But then again...


Thank you for the question Macarthur and please tag and share to spread ARSE far and wide as we thrust into the deep unknown...

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