Ask ARSE: What Is Up With Uranus?

Ask ARSE: What Is Up With Uranus?

It is that time of the week and we have selected an interesting question from a faithful follower about the very exciting Uranus.

"Hi ARSE, I was wondering what Uranus' deal is? I mean, what is Uranus made of? Is there anything in Uranus?" - Gareth, 53

Hi Gareth and thank you for inquiring about the current state of Uranus. Uranus is almost always at the forefront of our minds.

Uranus is often referred to as an "ice giant" as opposed to the common "gas giant" like Jupiter with its southern big brown dot. Both consist highly of gas although Uranus is solid, unlike Jupiter that has a liquid mass surrounded by gas. 

What is deep inside Uranus you ask?

Although Uranus is full of gas consisting of a hydrogen upper layer mixed with helium, underneath is an icy mantle which surrounds a rocky ice core.

The upper atmosphere is made of water, ammonia and methane chunk-like ice nuggets which give the planet its pale blue colour. 

So in review;

Uranus is soft yet firm in the middle and is surrounded by smelly gas with big nuggets in it. 

We hope this has been as enjoyable for you as it is always for us. 

Keep your eyes to the sky, Gary, as we thrust harder than ever into the deep unknown...

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