Ask ARSE: Why Don't We Just Move Earth?

Ask ARSE: Why Don't We Just Move Earth?

An interesting question has reached our HR department so let's go ahead and: "Ask ARSE."

"Hey ARSE, if the Earth is getting hotter, can't we just move it further away? Aren't the other planets less hot?

Let me know what you think"
- Gareth, 43

Thank you for the interesting question Gary and yes, hypothetically we could move the Earth and do move smaller objects out of their orbit from time to time such as dangerous asteroids and the like. 

In fact, every time we launch something from Earth we are ever so slightly pushing the Earth along in the opposite direction to the launch.

In theory, we would need the largest launch vehicle with the biggest "punch" to push us further from the sun and that is undoubtedly SpaceX's Falcon Heavy.

To achieve a feat such as moving the Earth from its current orbital trajectory, we would need upwards of billions upon billions of Falcon Heavy crafts. 

In fact, it would be so much material to build the craft it would consume 85% of Earth's raw makeup. Our planet would be only 15% of its current size, negating the need for so many rockets and yet making it uninhabitable and possibly far worse than a world of climate change anyway. 

We hope this answer satisfies your curiosity and finds you in good spirits young Graham.

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