Aussie Navy Does Emergency Beer Run for Bushfire Affected Town

Aussie Navy Does Emergency Beer Run for Bushfire Affected Town

Aussie volunteers helping with effort in the bushfire stricken town of Mallacoota are still Aussie's at the end of the day.

And a hard-earned thirst needs a big cold beer...

How big?

Australian navy ship HMAS Choules performed an emergency beer run for the Mallacoota Hotel.

About 3,000 litres of it courtesy of Carlton & United Breweries and delivered by the HMAS Choules, an Aussie navy warship.

The town was facing "going dry" in almost a weeks time, so the Mallacoota Hotel owner Lou Battel put in an emergency order that was delivered by sea.

"We were running low of supplies and a pub can't run without beer, can it? Every Australian needs a beer and definitely the emergency services working non-stop," 

"Our good old friends from Carlton managed to send us some stock on Thursday and I hope it gets here after the 20 hours or so it takes the boat to make the trip."

Local resident enjoying a much needed break with a beer from the HMAS Choules

A little feel-good story for you all.

Here's hoping there's some relief from the fires soon and the spirits of t=al involved get some much-needed respite.

From all of us,



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