Records all over the world have been hammered in what is one of Earth's hottest years ever.

During the northern hemisphere's summer peak in July, Europe faced temperatures that destroyed previous benchmarks.

So much so that manure piles were combusting into flames.

Now, it's the southern hemisphere's turn and already Australia is facing our average hottest December ever

Famed meteorologist Ryan Maue PhD is gobsmacked with the temperatures Australia will be facing. 


December temperatures are already 45 degrees Celsius in most parts of the continent.

Meaning, this month is 12-16 degrees higher than average for December.

Warnings from emergency services maintain Thursday the 19th will be the hottest yet.

If you can avoid working outside, do so.

If you can bushfire proof your house and property by cleaning roofing and gutters of dry leaves and gardens of foliage, do that too. 

Stay hydrated indoors wherever possible and limit strenuous activity.

Australia is facing its hottest december ever

We can look at this recent bout of heat as an isolated incident.


The growing trend of blowout summer heat is part of an even bigger picture.

Australia has always been home to sunny summers with stinking heat.

Except this trend is also uniformly affecting the world with uncanny warming temperatures. 

The global temperatures around the world sho an average increase

Again, stay safe, stay hydrated, and look after one another.


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