Boaty McBoatface, Climate Change Hero.

Boaty McBoatface, Climate Change Hero.

You all remember how the Natural Environment Research Council created a poll to name their new research ship and the internet responded with a resounding "Boaty McBoatface" right?

Well, turns out Mr McBoatface is not the name crew went with and passed the moniker down the line of command to a bright yellow autonomous submarine.

How sad.

Yet what is joyous, is that the little yellow submarine is fresh off a mission with some serious data.

Boaty travelled 180km of the southern ocean trawling for changes in the waters salinity, temperature and turbulence. 

What Boaty found was congruent with findings from the RRS James Clark Ross, a supply and research ship operated by the British Antarctic Survey, that winds blowing over the frigid ocean are facilitated by an "unknown mechanism".

This unknown force at work has sped up in recent years due to climate change and rapidly increased the turbulence in far deep waters. 

This finding is invaluable as the polar ice caps are a predictor of global changes to the environment as a whole. 

With climate change on a steep rise, we can expect oceans the world over to be subjected to the same turbulence.

Boaty McBoatface, we salute your service.


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