VIDEO: China Says "Adjust Your Location Quickly", Drops Toxic Rocket Debris On Village.

VIDEO: China Says "Adjust Your Location Quickly", Drops Toxic Rocket Debris On Village.

This past Saturday, China's Xichang Satellite Launch Centre achieved a "successful" mission to send a Long March 3B rocket into space carrying two navigation satellites. 

The way they have reported it, you wouldn't guess that the mission also dropped the booster segments of the rocket into a small village, almost completely decimating it. 

Even better, the yellow smoke is the result of burning fuel that consists of hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide which is very toxic to people.

The Long Guangxiang People's Government issued this warning to 14 separate villages before the incident, knowing full well the potential for disaster. 

Yes, the People's Government.

To the people:

According to a notice from the higher-up, the Xichang Satellite Launch Center will conduct an operation around 9 a.m. on Nov. 23, 2019. Fourteen villages including Long Guangxiang’s Longguang village, Bakao village, Bachou village, Longlong village, Longtuo village, Nalian village, Heji village, Dawang village, Nayin village, Guolai village, Dongnei village, Nagong village and Tonghuai is in the range of where the satellite debris will drop. At that time, please cut off your power at home 20 minutes prior and hide at a safe area. If you see any flying objects falling from the sky, please adjust your location quickly to avoid any harm. If you discover any debris, please don’t get close or pick them up because they could be harmful to human bodies due to the chemicals. Please contact the village committee if you find any pieces from the rocket. Please be sure to spread the word.Number to contact for rocket debris: 0776-XXXX

Long Guangxiang People’s Government

Also, there's been no state media reports about the crash, leading us to believe they do not want it known or it has become routine. 

We aren't sure which is sadder.

The footage has been churned out through social media and has gone viral instantly with twitter users hoping there was some compensation for the residents although nothing has been reported. 

From what we can tell, there have been no casualties most likely due to the evacuation notice. 

However, with China ramping up the number of launches from the site that sits adjacent to the villages, it seems like only a matter of time. 

A resident of the village in China after the rocket debris fell.

 Photo: Getty Images

Inquiries into the possibility of the residents moving location have been shot down as residents are of very low income and spend their lives tending the farms for generations to survive. 


We hope there is a resolution to this issue that puts the lives of a nation's people secondary to its progress.

Something we thought was a thing of the past.

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