Earth Keeps Shattering Temperature Records.

Earth Keeps Shattering Temperature Records.

If you've been sweltering in the heat and desperately seeking ways to cool down, you're not alone. The Earth is continuously breaking temperature records, and it's making quite an impact on our planet.


Recently, Monday marked the hottest day on Earth in over 100,000 years. But that's not all, each day that followed until Thursday broke the heat record set the previous day, resulting in July 3-6 being the hottest four consecutive days ever recorded. This scorching week came right after the warmest June ever, as confirmed by the World Meteorological Organization.



It's not just the land that's feeling the heat—sea ice levels near Antarctica have reached record lows, and the North Atlantic has surpassed its previous high temperatures by a considerable margin. These changes are concerning, but what's causing them?


Researchers believe the rising temperatures can be attributed to a combination of global climate change caused by human greenhouse gas emissions and the natural climate phenomenon known as El Niño. El Niño raises temperatures in the Pacific Ocean and typically brings hotter weather along with it. With these factors at play, we can expect more blistering days as July progresses, and there's even a possibility that this year could be the hottest on record.


Antarctic ice deficit grows to size of Western Australia as 2023 shatters  more climate records - ABC News

Antarctic ice deficit grows to size of Western Australia as 2023 shatters more heat records.


The dangerous heat levels we're experiencing are already affecting our daily lives and work. For example, heat safety has become a crucial topic in negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters Union, leading to a tentative agreement to air-condition their trucks. In cities like Beijing, outside work had to be halted due to an extended period of scorching temperatures exceeding 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius), the longest streak since 1961.


However, there is hope amidst the heatwave. If the temperatures keep rising, we need to find ways to cope with it while also reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, which contribute to climate change. Sweltering Texas has shown us a potential solution by successfully maintaining its power grid during the heatwave, largely thanks to its use of solar and wind energy.


Climate Change - News, causes, impact, and how to help


As we navigate through this challenging period, it's important to recognize the impacts of climate change and work towards sustainable solutions for a cooler and more resilient future.



The section where we explain the above to 5-year-olds (and Flat Earthers).


Did you know that the Earth has been getting very hot lately? It's been breaking temperature records! This means it's been getting hotter than it has ever been in a really long time.

The weather has been so hot that each day has been hotter than the one before. This went on for four days in a row! It was the hottest week ever in July.

The heat is not just on land, but also in the oceans. The ice near Antarctica has been melting a lot, and the North Atlantic Ocean has been much hotter than before.

Do you know why this is happening? It's because of something called climate change, which is caused by people and the things they do that make the Earth warmer. There's also something called El Niño, which makes the weather even hotter.

Because of the heat, it's important for us to stay safe. Some companies are trying to keep their workers cool by putting air conditioning in their trucks. In places like Beijing, people had to stop working outside because it was so hot.

But don't worry, there are things we can do to help. We need to use less of the things that make the Earth hot, like fossil fuels. We can also use more clean energy from the sun and wind to make electricity.

We're working hard to understand what's happening and find ways to make the Earth cooler. It's important for us to take care of our planet so that we can enjoy a comfortable and healthy future.


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