Earth's First Fully Functioning Flying Saucer is Real.

Earth's First Fully Functioning Flying Saucer is Real.

It is definitely our first proper sighting of a fully functional flying saucer and that's because this little fella was designed by a team of scientists in Romania with cutting edge tech to allow the 'saucer' to fly multi-directionally.

The ADIFO, short for All Direction Flying Object, uses ducted fans to elevate itself, jet propulsion to thrust and lateral nozzles to allow sudden directional changes on a whim. 

This model is just the prototype at just 4 feet in size, however, this successful test has given them the green light to look at larger models that will hopefully carry passengers. 

The ADIFO has been lauded as having abilities "superior to any known aircraft" and has the aeronautical world buzzing at its potential to have limitless maneuverability, so say the head scientists on the ADIFO project, engineer Razvan Sabie and aerodynamicist Iosif Taposu

The way the team conceptualised the flying saucer design was to think of it as a continuous wing first, and a flying craft second. 

The full-sized version, with its unique circular and sleek design will not produce any sonic booms when breaking the sound barrier if it indeed gets that far. 

The next step in the process is creating the larger craft as an unmanned drone, then approaching transonic and supersonic speeds, before testing its capabilities against radar and military devices. 

Check out the detailed video below outlining the finer points of the first flying saucer and remember to tag and share to spread ARSE far and wide. 


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