The Micrashell virus protection suit lets you vape, have sex, and party

Finally, A Virus-Proof "Spacesuit" You Can Smoke And Bone In.

Who else misses the forbidden fruits of non-social distancing?

A few drinkies, a couple of puffy-wuffs and heading back to a complete strangers house at 4 am.

*We're going to assume you raised your hand*

You're not the only one, and the guys at the rave manufacturing company, Production Club, have designed the Micrashell - an otherwordly exosuit that gets you back into the club scene risk-free.


While social distancing and isolation are the prevailing solutions to the spread of the coronavirus, it has certain side-effects of its own including poorer mental health outcomes. Especially for those that find solace in the weekend, fraternising freely with likeminded, carefree scene-goers. 

Enter Production Club's Micrashell.

Their space-style suit keeps your body clean and free of disease while you pollute your soul with boozy smoke-filled nights of promiscuity. Originally designed for raves, the Micrashell now has a home in the current state of the pandemic as a tool for those in the pro-social club. 

Designed with festivals and raves foremost, the durable yet nimble suit allows you to partake in rave and festival activities with all the fixins'.

The unit features an air filter, a pliable face shield & an integrated sound system built-in, all of which are powered by two rechargeable lithium-ion cell battery systems. The user also has the choice to wear the top portion of the suit so genitalia for toilet use, intercourse, tanning, or simply airing out your uglies.

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While completely airtight, its hardy material finish also allows for efficient disinfection when you want to wash away the evidence of the night before.

You can even choose channels for audio and talk to other suits on the fly. For example; you can prioritise music, ambience, even friends voices from your phone's contacts or other Micrashell suits within a certain proximity. Users can also determine how they want their voice to sound with a number of augmentation options (Darth Vader would be badass).

It's pretty much the world's most important and functional PPE suit readily available to the public without the traditional restrictions.

The Micrashell also connects to your phone and has an onboard POV cam that can film your perspective while you make video footage of events you'd probably prefer not to remember. An incredibly nifty feature of this is the inbuilt security system that immediately begins recording to a trigger word when threats are present.

The canister system allows the user to enjoy vaping and drinking (alcohol is recommended) without having to remove the helmet, or get their drink spiked. It'll even tell you when you're getting low and need a refill. 

Perhaps the coolest feature for rave fans is the "user customised emotional broadcast system" which is a fancy way to say that the suit lights up certain colours to reflect how the wearer is feeling. 

Example: if the suit lights up rainbow coloured, the user is joyful. Whereas if the suit flashes red, the user is in dire need of a kebab.

The Micrashell allows users to designate colours for how they're feeling at raves or clubs.

Miguel Risueño, Production Club's head of invention, was recently quoted:

"The principle designing the suit was, knowing this is a time-sensitive matter, let's not pack it with sci-fi features that don't yet exist and will be roadblocks but use technologies that are available to us. If we don't do that, we're just navel-gazing instead of actually trying to solve a problem."

Currently, in the latter stages of feasibility testing, Production Club is optimistic about the future of the Micrashell and the benefits it will have to our nightlives and beyond. 

Check it out in action here:


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