Flat Earthers Plan "Scientific Journey" To "The Edge Of The World"

Flat Earthers Plan "Scientific Journey" To "The Edge Of The World"

Like Frodo and the one ring, Flat Earthers have united to find the "truth" about our planet by venturing into Mordor, only this one is not brimstone and fire but ice and sub-zero temperatures.

"All we have to do to shut this debate down once and for all is get the distance of the coast of Antarctica,” Jay Decasby, possibly the leader of the Flat Earth movement.

Graphic representation of the Flat Earth

“If we can get to the coast of Antarctica and sail all the way around it, we will get the distance that will prove it’s the outer edges of the flat earth and refute entirely every single argument anyone can possibly try to pitch for the sun-worshipping cult of heliocentrism."

Ice wall preventing White Walkers?

Convinced there's a gigantic towering ice wall surrounding the continent that purposefully obstructs explorers, this line has been crossed by explorers as early as 1911.

The Flat Earthers are also trying to navigate around the Antarctic Treaty of 1961, which restricts private exploration and they claim is a front for the existence of the ice wall, by declaring their expedition is in the name of science.

Dubiously so.

Time will tell how the Hobbits go navigating to the white walker wall. 


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