Flat Earthers Unite On One Of Our Roundest Continents.

Flat Earthers Unite On One Of Our Roundest Continents.

It's been kinda nice with all the recent goings-on in space and research to have a break from the flat earther "movement". 

But alas, they are back.

In Brazil no less. 

Why Brazil?

A whopping 7% (or 11 million Brazilians) believe that Earth is flat.

This is an effect that can be traced back to levels of education, specifically in underdeveloped countries. About 10% of elementary school leavers believe the flat earth theory compared to a tiny 3% of higher education students.

Flat Earth convention set for Brazil

Why is this ironic?

Brazil, behind Africa, is one of the roundest continents on earth and home to some amazingly high mountainous ranges.

Brazil's problems do not end with the general public, unfortunately. 

Even state officials, including President Bolsonaro, believe the earth is flat after watching some YouTube videos and not having the ability to refute them.

For reference, Bolsonaro, just hours after his presidential inauguration moved to strike LGBTQ human rights from ministry considerations and attempted to remove the term 'homosexuality' and its like-terms.

That plus his infamous record on slandering women and his allowance of the continued deforestation of the dwindling Amazon rainforest.

Flat Earth theory deflated

This is the type of environment that would, and is, accepting of the latest flat earth conference. For just 110 reals, or AUD 38.57, you too can listen to several keynote speakers (YouTubers) who have such videos as 25 Examples That Prove NASA Is A Fraud and Gravity Doesn't Exist. 

Not crazy enough?

Try this on for size...
Last years conference was told that gravity was not holding them to the floor, but electromagnetism, which only creates far more questions than it answers. 

Also, you'll find that space-time wraps around us to travel from east to west much like a basic 8-bit video game...

Sold on the idea?
We can't wait!

If you struggle with flat earthers in your family or friends, check out our guide to managing them when enough is enough.

Thank you for reading and supporting our push into the deep unknown.
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