FOR SALE: "Top Gun" Fighter Jet, Some Wear & Tear

FOR SALE: "Top Gun" Fighter Jet, Some Wear & Tear

You read that correctly, the most commonly thought of fighter jet is up for sale by JetLease, a private aircraft leasing company.

The standard for warfighting in the sky during the 80s and 90s, the F-16 was painted all over the television sets globally and still holds a place in the heart of many for its Mach 2 mechanics.

Although the F-16 has retired as a model, it still remains a staple in the historical tapestry of American warfighting.

This particular model for sale boasts a meaty 6,000 hours of flight time during desert storm, meaning another 2,000 until she's due for a major service.

The only detractions from enjoying the 'Fighting Falcon' in its major glory is that the fuel costs are several thousand dollars for an hours flight, plus all the warfighting capabilities have been removed.


Worth adding that you need a specialised crew to get her ready which can take hours at a time and you are required to hold an International Traffic In Arms Regulations (ITARS) licensing in good measure as a sign of good faith that you can fly and won't play silly buggers. 

Also, you might blackout from the G-forces if you are new to this type of thing...

But doing Mach 2 plus speeds and climbing at nearly 2km per second is pretty badass.

So, you're buying a one-seater plane that's very fast, kind of like a drag racer in the sky that can actually turn. 

Like the above image but way less able to impose democracy on nations. 

But now, the moment you've been waiting for:

"How much?"

Well, at a measly $12.6 million AUD your actually getting it far cheaper than the original cost of $27.5 million AUD.

Interested buyers only, price is firm.


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