Hubble Discovers Galactic Cherry Blossoms

Hubble Discovers Galactic Cherry Blossoms

To save you from the woes of social media's propensity to scale down and discount image quality, we have provided the full image of Hubble's recent image here.

Galaxy NGC 1156 resembles a springtime flowering cherry blossom tree, except the blossoms, are ever poetical baby stars springing to life. These collections of newborn stars are named stellar nurseries.

Fresh light from newborn stars streams outwards and collides with hydrogen gas clouds, hence the glowing pink aura. 

Behold, NGC 1156 in the constellation of Aries. 

NGC 1156 is a peculiar galaxy without a standard rounded shape and smaller than most yet features a robust inner centre. This inner region is densely packed with stars of all age and sizes. 

The path of some hydrogen clouds within the galaxy rotates in a direction counter to the greater galaxy, meaning at some point in time NGC 1156 has previously come close to an encounter with another galaxy. 

We all know an astrophotography nut, so share with them the cherry blossom stellar nursery to spread ARSE far and wide as we thrust into the deep unknown...


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