India Shoots Down Own Satellite to Prove They Can Shoot Down Satellites.

In an effort to say "if we can't have nice things, no one can", India has fired upon one of its active satellites destroying it. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called the mission a success and verified that India is now a space power. Twitter users across the globe have condemned this act saying it is an "...escalation of international tensions" and "Weird flex, but ok".

He added "Until now, only US, Russia, and China could claim the title. India is the fourth country to achieve this feat."

This successful test only brings us slightly closer to space warfare, with more and more countries preferring to go the destructive route than that of science, ingenuity and discovery. 

Additionally, this sets a precedent for the amount of space shrapnel will litter entire sections of space which will be unusable, as any craft venturing within will be torn apart and imagery software will be unusable from mass interference. 

The shrapnel from the test will need to be closely monitored so that it doesn't destroy any other craft in orbit, potentially even the ISS.