Is Jupiter's "Brown Eye" Dying?

Is Jupiter's "Brown Eye" Dying?

The feature point of Jupiter is its unmistakable large brown eye, a gigantic storm in the lower half of the gas giant.

We have reported recently that the brown eye was shrinking and tightening up, however, keen observers have been watching the dot and found the white rim that defines the area has seeped away by surrounding storms. 

A large planet-circling jet stream seems to be the main culprit, removing entire 10,000km sections of the brown eye.

The dot is at least 350 years old and has raged violently in the high atmosphere 4 times larger than earth during its discovery.

Now, the dot has puckered up to just half the size it was when the Voyager spacecraft flew by in 1979 with estimates the storm will not see another 20 years.

The concentration of storms on the northern border and the localised jet-stream have removed giant "flakes" as reported by the greater astrophotography community. 

The flakes linger around the outside of the big dot for about a week before dispersing. 

Astronomers are keeping their eye on Jupiter's to monitor coming events and as always we will keep you posted.

Is this the end of the brown eye as we know it?

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