Jupiters Big Brown Dot Tightens

Jupiters Big Brown Dot Tightens

Jupiter's trademark stormy brown dot blowing 300km/h winds is tightening up its outer circumference. The gas giant has housed the brown dot on it's lower posterior for centuries and has been recorded destroying other storms in its unbridled ferocity.

Jupiter's little brown dot down south

For context on the size of the massive brown dot, the storm is far larger than Earth and could easily fit our world within its rim.

The anticyclone spins in a counterclockwise direction making it unique ever since its discovery in 1665 when planetary astronomers would line up just to have a peer into the brown swirling abyss. 

What we do know about the brown dots activity is that it is shrinking, while becoming rounder and taller simultaneously. The colour has also varied as winds dictate.

Researchers are unsure as to why the brown dot is behaving irrationally or what this means for the future of the storm.

Jupiter and NASA's Juno

What we do know is that NASA's Juno spacecraft, currently orbiting the gas giant, will provide us with invaluable data on what is irritating the brown dot and getting its winds out of order.


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