Military Pilots Report Inexplicable Flying Objects

Military Pilots Report Inexplicable Flying Objects

We know what you're thinking and no...

This isn't so much as a crackpot story than it is an unexplained phenomenon, at least for now. 

Numerous Navy pilots have independently reported a high number of "objects" that resemble a spinning top some nine kilometres straight up in the sky. 

The objects seemingly lack an engine mechanism or any form of exhaust yet reached supersonic speeds at will. Something that takes a massive amount of energy and a benchmark we have not hit yet as a technological species. 

Lt. Ryan Graves, a 10 year veteran with the Navy said that "These things would be out there all day," and they could be seen from 30,000 feet all the way down to sea level whilst accelerating, slowing and hitting supersonic speeds at a whim. 

You might remember an incident in the latter part of 2014 in which a pilot almost collided with one of these objects and exclaimed over his comms "Wow, what is that, man? Look at it fly!"

Another incident in which a missile targeting system picked up one of the objects was released to multiple news outlets with scepticism and bewilderment. Watch the video below. 


We have to include that no one is explicitly saying that the objects originate from outside Earth and many an expert from the secretive Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program has halted the UFO talk by saying that these incidents usually have a logical explanation first. Although they have conceded that the events are "a striking series of incidents."

The forerunner explanations from Leon Golub, a senior astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics include bugs in the imaging and display coding, atmospheric reflections and effects, and neurological overload from multiple inputs during high-speed flight.

However, until we reach some definitive conclusion our minds will always wonder...

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