NASA is Giving Away A Billion Dollar Saturn Rocket, Just Pay Shipping.

Make 'space' in your living room because you could be the lucky recipient of a true to life, never-before-used piece of American space history. 

After several decades, the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama is looking to offload the Saturn 1 Block 1 Booster portion of a Saturn V rocket stack developed in the 1960s. 

Saturn V rocket

We understand that you'd like some assurance it is unused before you order and since NASA would let the rockets of their time fall into the ocean after launch it is safe to assume this land-based beauty has 0 mileage.

All you have to do is pay the shipping which is estimated at $250,000 for the 11.7 tonnes and you can have quite the conversation starter on your coffee table.

Saturn V rocket dimensions

Too steep for you?

Well, you can have some other memorabilia like tiles from the outer shell of a rocket for a reasonable $25?

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