Physicists Have Won the Wormhole Game

Physicists Have Won the Wormhole Game

Did you know that theoretical physicists and lawyers have something in common? They both love searching for loopholes and inconsistencies, but physicists do it in the realm of laws that govern the universe. While they might not help you fight a traffic fine, these scientists have been delving into the mysteries of time travel, discovering potential shortcuts through spacetime called wormholes.

Now, before you start planning a trip to undo that time you got caught speeding, let's understand the science behind it. Wormholes are like peculiar shapes in the fabric of the universe. While we are familiar with one-dimensional lines, two-dimensional drawings, and three-dimensional objects, physicists explore situations where spacetime can be reshaped in mind-boggling ways.



Wormholes that instantly transport humans through space and time could be  possible, according to study | The Sun

On a tiny scale, quantum effects provide some wiggle room for distances and time. On a grander scale, the presence of mass can cause spacetime to bend, creating a bridge between two distant places, forming a wormhole. However, it's not as simple as hopping through this cosmic tunnel. Matter cannot easily move across it, although some believe that objects on either side that are entangled could remain connected.

Over the years, scientists have been searching for scenarios that would allow quantum effects or even particles to travel through these exotic spacetime shapes unharmed. That's where the work of Valeri P. Frolov, Pavel Krtouš, and Andrei Zelnikov comes in. They propose a fascinating concept involving a ring-shaped wormhole that could connect different regions of the universe, even potentially different universes altogether.

By considering intricate mathematical transformations and interactions of fields, these physicists discovered intriguing solutions, including the possibility of closed time like curves. These curves describe an object or light ray that travels in a loop, returning to the same point in space and time.

Now, before you get your hopes up for a wild journey through time, it's important to note that many obstacles and paradoxes may prevent such trips. The famous physicist Stephen Hawking expressed scepticism about the feasibility of closed time like curves. But hey, who knows? With the right cosmic lawyer (or physicist), we might just find a way to appeal our fate and unlock the secrets of time travel. Just remember to pack your sense of adventure and a massive pair of rings!

So, for now, let's keep exploring the wonders of the universe and unravelling its mysteries, one mind-bending concept at a time.




The section where we explain the above to 5-year-olds (and Flat Earthers).

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Did you know that some scientists are like detectives, always searching for secrets in the laws that govern our universe? Well, one group of these scientists, called theoretical physicists, loves to imagine things that might seem impossible, like traveling through time!

Imagine you have a problem, like a traffic fine. You might ask a lawyer to find a way to help you. Well, these physicists are a bit like lawyers, but instead of traffic fines, they look for special tricks in the rules of the universe.

One of the tricks they imagine is something called a wormhole. It's like a secret passage that could take you from one place to another really quickly, or maybe even travel through time! But here's the catch: wormholes are not something we have found in real life yet. They are just ideas that scientists think might be possible.

These scientists have been studying how the shape of space and time can change. You see, space is not just empty, it can bend and twist like a special kind of shape. By bending space in certain ways, they think they might be able to create a shortcut to travel through time or to faraway places in the universe.

But traveling through time is not as easy as it sounds. There are many tricky problems and puzzles that scientists have to solve. Some scientists think that it might not be possible to travel through time at all. Others think there might be ways to do it, but it could be very difficult or have some strange consequences.

So, while scientists are still trying to understand how time travel might work, it's like a big adventure where they have to solve lots of mysteries. Maybe one day they will find a way to make time travel possible, but for now, we can just enjoy the amazing things they discover about the universe.

Remember, science is all about asking questions and exploring new ideas. Who knows, maybe one day you'll become a scientist and help unlock the secrets of time travel yourself!


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