Qatar Is Confusingly Using Fossil Fuels To Air Condition Outside.

Qatar Is Confusingly Using Fossil Fuels To Air Condition Outside.

It's no surprise that in the Middle East it gets really hot.

We're talking 38-48 degree variances and the former coming in the dead of night. As we hope you know, air conditioners are a very resource-heavy means of cooling your inner car or home. On average, air conditioners account for 10% of all electricity demand today and that number is expected to triple before 2050.

So what happens when it is too hot for people to function outside? 

You use the very thing that is adding to global climate change and you burn fossil fuels in record amounts.

Qatar is one of the hottest places on earth

Or, you know, use the astounding amounts of unused space in their deserts to create solar panel farms. But when you have the oil to burn, why not go with the simpler yet more damaging solution?

But is it a solution if you're adding to the global climate issue in a very negative way?

No, of course, it is not. 

That's like burning your house down because you're cold.

There have also been numerous instances of migrant workers dying due to the perpetually elevating heat levels in the Middle East.

Migrant workers have died from the heat in the Middle East

Surprisingly, the founder of the Gulf-Organisation for Research and Development that focuses on sustainable energy production has alarmingly said that the air conditioners are a must, even though they exceed the Paris Agreement thresholds for pre-industrial levels of carbon emissions. 

As such, Qatar has been labelled one of the fastest-warming regions on Earth and could be a cautionary tale for the rest of the world...


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