ScoMo Eats Crow: SA's Tesla Battery Set To Increase By 50%

ScoMo Eats Crow: SA's Tesla Battery Set To Increase By 50%

"By all means have the world's biggest battery, have the world's biggest banana, have the world's biggest prawn like we have on the roadside around the country," - Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

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South Australia's big Tesla battery has been given the green light to increase output by 50% thanks to French renewable energy company Neoen. The upgrade will bring total megawatts from 100 to 150 after the South Australian government committed $15 million and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency a further $8 million.

The Hornsdale Power Reserve - its official title - is expected to finish upgrading mid-2020 after the 2017 introduction of the battery has seen a far more stable power grid delivered within the state.

To date, the battery has saved the South Australian taxpayers upwards of $40 million since its completion. 

Former South Australian premier Jay Weatherill and Tesla boss Elon Musk (Facebook)

Elon Musk, head honcho at Tesla, was involved in an online jovial back-and-forth with Australian tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes with Musk vowing to have the battery completed in 100 days or would build it for free.

Many believed the recurring statewide blackouts in South Australia put the grid beyond repair. 

This lead to the disparaging comments made by Scott Morrison that are now increasingly stale with the passing of time. 

The rest, as they say, is history. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison infamously disparaged Tesla battery plan to fix power grid in South Australia.

Speculation on the upgrade was painted all over social media after a lovable truckie stumbled upon the Tesla power packs at a service station.


Good in ya South Australia and best of luck in your fantastic push into the future!

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