What's The Most ARSE Clenchingly Terrifying Planet?

What's The Most ARSE Clenchingly Terrifying Planet?

We've really been spreading ARSE far and wide this week and our good friends are reaching out and asking us space queries for us to sink our teeth into.

So let's go ahead and: Ask ARSE!

"Hey ARSE, what is by our standards the most terrifying or worst planet to live on? For humans or for life in general I guess. Keep up the good work and cheers for the lols Clintern" - Rob, 33

Thanks for the question, Ray.
The most inhospitable planet in our opinion is most likely one you've never heard of. 



Approximately 64.5 lightyears from our solar system on it's closest orbital path is exoplanet HD 189733b within the constellation of Vulpecula. 

For the sake of our sanity, let's refer to it as HD. 

It kind of looks like a bigger blue Earth, but we assure you it's nowhere near as pleasant.

HD has a mass 13 bigger than Jupiter, or for context, it can fit over 1400 Earths inside it. 

It is so close to its star that it has an average temperature of about 1800C and the odds of surviving that are pretty bad. 

Especially when you think that iron melts at 1535C and it is enough to completely liquefy it on an average day. 

That's just the beginning though...

If you somehow created a hardy suit that let you survive in its insanely hot atmosphere, you'd have to deal with the wind

HD has a bit of an intense breeze blowing almost constantly at a speed of 8690km/hr. A speed that holds the record for highest of any known planet to date.

So it's about as close as you can get to imagining dragon breath and that's just the atmosphere of the planet in its natural state. 

But wait, there's more...

Inside the 1800C wind travelling at 8690km/hr are shards of silicate, a coagulate creating little flecks of matter that travel so fast they would excruciatingly pass through your body by the billions per second while you die a very slow death. 

Like the universe's most powerful shotgun firing particles that shrapnel your body faster than the human mind can comprehend. 

But when it rains...

It rains large chunks of molten glass, sideways...



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So in summary, HD 189733b is not habitable by a long shot.

And to answer your question, we think it is the most uninhabitable and terrifying planet for humans we know of. 

By a pretty long shot. 

Cheers for the question Ray and thank you all for reading.

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Thanks again and please share with a friend to thrust ARSE into the deep unknown...


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