The Real BIG BANG: The Sex Suit for Astronauts in Zero Gravity.

The Real BIG BANG: The Sex Suit for Astronauts in Zero Gravity.

In 2004, an Italian-American inventor by the name of Vanna Bonta experienced a microgravity flight with the National Space Agency. 

In just two short years Bonta had turned her inspiration aboard the flight into a prototype suit that allowed astronauts to 'probe' in the absence of gravity. 

The 2Suit was born.

We are not entirely sure why, of all things, Bont went this route but being a passionate Italian-American woman we will give her due props. 

The 2Suit is a flight suit complete with velcro strips that allow a second suit to 'dock' between users. 

The 2Suit can then be fastened to a surface as a type of anchor, maximising thrust.

The space between users can be leveraged with harnesses so that different sexual positions can be attempted.

We reached out to Bonta to get her input on how many Kama Sutra positions are available whilst utilising the suit and are waiting for a reply 2 months later. 

The history channel approached Bonta in 2008 to manufacture and test the suit to which she accepted and attached to her husband to kiss while installed in it. 

The History Channel documentary concluded that "2Suit is one small step for humankind colonizing the universe."

Which is true, after we have somewhere to go and some way to get there we should all be space boning like Astro-bunnies. 

We look forward to Elon Musk adopting the design for his maiden voyage to Mars atop his Starship. 


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She passed away in 2014.

Kevin Canto

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