This 5-Year-Old Spoof Hauntingly Predicted the Future...

This 5-Year-Old Spoof Hauntingly Predicted the Future...

If you're thinking of a 5-year-old child having a prank, we wish that was the case.

In 2014, a weather reporter teamed up with the World Meteorological Organisation to create a fictional weather report to predict where the then trend of climate change would end up in 2050.

That's the year 2050.

The faux report at the time was deemed exaggerated and hysterical.

Then recently this happened...

Spoof weather report comes true

The report was off by the year and is actually closer to becoming true now

What was thought as ludicrous hysteria is actually coming true far sooner than even a parody could anticipate, by a full 31 years...

The top image is the spoof weather report and the below was live on air in early June.

The similarities down to the wardrobe worn by the reporter add even more of an eerie feel.

What's worse, this was not even the hottest day of the year thus far, with a particular day in France being so hot the colour code had to reset and go back to purple as the meter had no more colours left to show the heat.

The heatwave claimed five lives and forced two nuclear reactors to move into standby mode after the heat caused the rivers used to cool them to overheat.

The whole of Europe faced record-breaking heat.

Fields were aflame, livestock fell victim to heat exhaustion and manure piles caught alight.

The United Nations Climate Change twitter account posted this:


Furthermore, each year in Europe has been the next record breaker with 2016, 2015, 2017, and 2018 all being the hottest in our known history. 

Our climate is heating faster than it has in the past 2,000 years...

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