Unbelievable Space Facts To Get Your ARSE Juices Flowing

Unbelievable Space Facts To Get Your ARSE Juices Flowing

We regularly get asked some questions about 'cool' space facts and more often than not it's very hard to keep up with them.


Here we've compiled some mind-numbingly cool facts that'll get your ARSE juices pumping with scientific enthusiasm. 

These outstanding, astronomical, incredible facts are so grand that most don't even know to ask them. 

That's how cool they are...

And that's how cool we are for bringing them to you folk. 

Bit let's get stuck into them!

1. Gamma-Ray Bursts Are The "Deadliest" Thing In The Known Universe.

Deadly can be subjective, but when talking human beings it doesn't get much deadlier than Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRB).

They're thought to originate when a high-mass star goes supernova and implodes to form a neutron star or black hole - depending on its size.

Know how Bruce Banner survived a Gamma-Ray bomb and became the Hulk?

Uh... Nope. 
Not happening.

GRBs are equal to about 100,000,000,000,000 (one hundred trillion) nuclear bombs per second. 

And have been pumping for seemingly longer than the universe has existed...


2. There's 140,000,000,000,000 times Earth's water floating around a black hole.

A staggering amount of water was discovered by two astronomers as the largest, and farthest, reservoir of water ever detected in the universe. 

Over 140 trillion times the world's water is circling a quasar (a massive celestial object with a black hole at its centre) more than 12 billion light-years away.

There is enough combined water vapour, gas, and dust to feed the quasar until it becomes over six times its current size (about 120,000,000,000/one hundred and twenty billion times as massive as our sun.)


3. Dragonfly 44 Is A Galaxy Made Of 99.99% Dark Matter

This "dark twin" of the Milky Way is roughly the same size yet is so devoid of stars that astronomers think it shouldn't even be able to keep itself together...

In fact, you need to use a special filter just to see it.


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4. Stars INSIDE Stars exist. 

And they're called "Thorne-Żytkow objects" after the folks who discovered them. The fancy way of describing them is they're red supergiant stars with neutron cores that form from unstable mass transfer in X-ray binaries. 

The simple way is a neuron star collides with a supernova.

The likelihood of this occurring is very slim, and most have only been discovered in high-density globular clusters (meaning places with a lot of stars).

5. The Largest Structure Ever Discovered Is A Billion Light-Years Wide.

Known as the "BOSS Great Wall", this structure is made up of over 830 galaxies and over one billion light-years wide.

Meaning, it would take light over A BILLION YEARS to go from one side to the other. 

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This pic ain't it, because we don't have one. 
But it is a large supercluster system like the BOSS Great Wall.

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