SPACE FORCE: Watch Trump Unsheathe the Long Arm of Space Command.

SPACE FORCE: Watch Trump Unsheathe the Long Arm of Space Command.

"... space, the next warfighting domain." - Donald Trump. 
The POTUS has announced that the United States Space Command (Spacecom), a centralised unit protecting American interests, will be in effect as the sixth branch of the nations military force. 
“The Space Force will organize, train and equip warriors to support Spacecom’s mission,” he said in the ceremony announcing the command, which intends on asserting the United States as the dominant force in space. 
"... the best way to prevent conflict is to prepare for victory," he added. 
The U.S. has unified their interests in space and in doing so has unanimously agreed that her interests must be protected from the increasing power of global competitors like Russia and China and their ability to target America's space-bound technology. 
These nations have already displayed the technology necessary to engage in antisatellite scenarios. 
Pence backing President Trump's Space Force
There has also been heated discussion over what defines "war" in space. M Laurie R. Blank, an expert in space law has said “Two of our main adversaries on the world stage, Russia and China, often have very different views about what international law means, its value is and when you have to follow it. And, of course, they’re the two biggest players with the United States in outer space.”
Key protection points for the U.S. are satellites that coordinate and guide their naval fleets including aircraft carriers in the middle east.
The decision to create a sixth branch of the military has met its share of detractors, with experts believing the cost would be in resources and even more red tape between military sectors.
Overlord Trump admires his Space Force
Being a bureaucratic beast that it is, the United States military would bear a load of even more communications and protocol effectively multiplying the bulk of labour slowing America's ability to respond and operate smoothly. 
The name itself is not final, with Democrats opting for 'Corps' instead of 'Force' and some within operations preferring 'Space Defense Force', which assures allies it is an agent of protection first. 
We are officially one step closer to a militarised deep unknown...

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