We Can Create "Reverse Solar Power" at Night, Study Says.

We Can Create "Reverse Solar Power" at Night, Study Says.

You know how solar power works right?

The panels convert sunlight photons into electricity via exciting electrons.

Sunlight in, energy out, which is a pretty good model considering one big weakness.

When the sun is not out, there's no solar.

Researchers from Stanford University in California have found a "negative illumination effect".

Essentially, the panels work backwards.
As the photons leave Earth's surface via cooling in the form of infrared/heat radiation, a small amount of energy is produced.

The guys at Stanford California have discovered a way to harness an untapped resource.

While still not as powerful as traditional solar, and nowhere close to power grids, the finding could prove invaluable in our pursuit to power the world ethically and sustainably.

Regardless, there is a place for all renewable energy sources if they do not contribute as much as powering grids, as this smaller yet efficient means can power machinery at night or most of our day-to-day machinery.

The next step is putting the "negative illumination effect" to work in a device and pursuing a means of powering the world with the coldness of space...

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