"Alien Invasion" Hits Norway, Is Beautiful.

"Alien Invasion" Hits Norway, Is Beautiful.

Residents were a little unprepared when they were unknowingly part of Space Invaders in Norway on Friday. 

Light and cloud illuminated the atmosphere and created a light show of tremendous colour...

and fear of invasion...

Watch the video here.

"This is it!" said one on Twitter. 

However, this was not "it" and the light show was nothing more than a mission by NASA in measuring the flow of particles in the ionosphere. 

AZURE Rocket Test in Norway

Two AZURE (Auroral Zone Upwelling Rockets) were shot into the atmosphere from the Andøya Space Center in northern Norway to heights ranging between 115-250km to examine the flow of ions in the atmosphere. 

The clouds create a visible means of tracking the verticle winds in regions that move the particles around, and while we have next to zero ideas as to how these winds work we are assured they are "important". 

AZURE Rocket Test in Norway

The local police were inundated with calls about the event and dealt with some general hysteria. Locals and law enforcement are not happy at all with the lack of communication with the space centre over the incident and have asked that in future all residents are alerted when rockets create a fluorescent event in the sky. 

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